We are people first. Artistry inspires us to be better people and have bigger ideas. We do not aspire to become anything but human.

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Our engineers are robotics design specialists and can design mechanical and electrical systems that achieve your requirements.

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We run our own 3D Printing and Metalworking shop, so we can quickly prototype our ideas and make design improvements.

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Ideas Into Reality

At N23D, we love to take on big projects. That being said, we don’t set the bar high, we set the bar “impossibly” high. We want want to make the speed of light look like a school zone; the infinite cosmos a small world; and the power of love a mere symptom of arrhythmia.

We want to bring forth the best humanity that can be. To properly manage our resources and become the most dominant species in all the universe, living in abundance and joy.

We operate using a 3 step project management process, which ensures that that the goal well defined, there is a realistic plan to achieve the goal, and that the results are in line with the original goals.

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