Ideas Into Life

N23D specializes in the Design, Manufacture, and Sale of 3D Printed Products
Easily take your idea from concept to market with 3D printing

Bringing a product to market can be extremely complicated and time consuming. N23D specializes in quickly and easily getting your idea through the design cycle and released to market.

Our highly skilled team has extensive experience in engineering design, mass production, and internet marketing. Let our expertise benefit your bottom line!

Here is how it works- contact us using the form below, or at We will reply with a confidentiality agreement and outline of the information required to create your initial quote. Once the quote has been paid, our engineers will create a design and a product prototype will be created. Once the prototype is satisfactory, the product will be prepared for mass production and sale.

  • Pitch Your Idea

    Tell us what you want to make

  • Engineering Design

    Your product is designed in 3D

  • Prototype Development

    Hold the product in your own two hands

  • Manufacture & Sell

    Your product will be sold on

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