What is N23D?

N23D specializes in the design, manufacture, and sale of 3D printed products.

In 2013, N23D opened its first product line, the N23D Magic Boxes – a line of decorative boxes designed to fit decks of collectible card games. Demand quickly overtook our ability to produce them fast enough.

magic box3Based on this success, the N23D manufacturing facility was expanded. We were able to grow our product line using more advanced 3D printers, and N23D began experimenting with the design and manufacture of CNC equipment.

GarageBlackwhitesmallN23D slowly grew, and our facilities got a bit nicer. Here is our conference room in 2014. As the company grew, processes became more automated and streamlined. We began bringing ideas into life.

conference Room Sepia Small Today, N23D enjoys the success of multiple products in a wide variety of industries. 3D Printing has allowed us to enter many markets and we look to keep working to develop quality products that make the world a better place.


What Are Our Values? 

At N23D, we believe in:

  • Improving people’s lives through 3D Printing
  • Being honest and trustworthy
  • Creating joy and easing suffering
  • Designing innovative and quality products
  • Living well and helping others

While we do our best to help humanity through our products, it is also our responsibility as a company to give back to our community. That is why 5% of our net profit will be donated to the Reno/Sparks Gospel Mission .gospel